Britain has lost its war in Iraq

Posted in biggest fuck-up of all time, Iraq by Deputy city editor on July 13, 2007

British forces have suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq. The situation has progressively deteriorated. Britain has no control over the border with Iran. It has virtually withdrawn from Basra, other than the Palace, which is kept supplied by nightly suicide missions by disgusted squaddies. The police and army units trained and equipped by Britain are controlled by militias. Joint operations with Iraqi forces are immediately compromised and result in British casualties without any measurable objectives being achieved. Under-equipped, remaining British forces huddle mainly at the airport where the scene is surreal. Three more servicemen were killed this week in what the army refers to as an “indirect fire” incident. This means that insurgents lob bombs onto the British base more or less at will. They are gone long before the British can effectively counter-attack. Aggressive British actions have failed to nail the attackers so the army has failed both with its vaunted softly-softly as well as with the recent Operation Sinbad to root out insurgents, which was a spin operation intended to show the army “doing something.” Senior British officers know their mission has failed. They are too cowardly to say so and indeed talk of “success.”

You will not have read this story in any British newspaper. Their defence correspondents were this week boasting of the new mission found for the £25 billion Eurofighter. It is to shoot down airliners.

Update, 7 August: You can now read how Britain has lost its war in Iraq in The Daily Telegraph and The Washington Post.

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  1. Jonathan Miller said, on July 16, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    Why are British forces still in Iraq? The only reason is to cover the American withdrawal.

  2. Jonathan Miller said, on July 17, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Is this fair? It is hard to see what objectives have been achieved by Operation Telic. The south of Iraq is in no way under “British control” even if the British army remains the best armed and organised formation (for the moment). But the ground is controlled by local and Iranian gangs, factions and private armies and British soldiers are at risk everywhere. An American attack on Iran could release a terrible reaction against British forces still in Iraq, at such time that Bush-Cheney-Israel might launch an air assault on the ayatollahs.

  3. Nick W said, on September 3, 2007 at 12:20 am

    And the American side of things is going soooo well isn’t it?

  4. D Molloy said, on September 15, 2007 at 4:08 am

    Im sorry, like Baghdad is all sweetness and roses, where US Forces can go on foot patrol and the locals are friendly and there is no need for massive security areas like the greenzone.

    The British Army, a small underfunded, undermanned and unappreciated force has been involved in some of the hardest fighting on the USA’s War on Terror. There are 15,000 UK personnel in the Gulf\middle east, out of an Army of just over 100,000.

    We have paid our ounce of flesh and were the first to stand by you and offer support, we have not failed in Iraq, indeed, British patrols on the Iran\Iraq boarder have intensified, check the Daily Telegraph website you have linked to yourself.

    The UK has been there for the USA from the off, more than can be said when the UK has been involved in a conflict in which the USA feels it has nothing to gain from…


    D. Molloy, London

  5. Jonathan Miller said, on September 15, 2007 at 8:43 am

    Dear Mr Molloy

    I am sure that if you carefully read this again you can find no suggestion that my article is written from an American perspective. Especially if you get all the way to the end. If you read more of my work you will discover that not only am I an ardent admirer of the British Army (but not the RAF or Navy) and my contempt is for those in government and media who have given them impossible tasks poorly resourced. I admit I have also been critical of senior officers who have colluded with the fantasies of the politicians. I have been with the British Army on operations so my admiration is personal. My son in law is now serving on operations with the British army. I am not a yank! I can see why you are annoyed but you have to read my stuff more carefully, please.

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