Gordon’s 10-year plan for the Pathan plus other bits from I told you so…

Posted in I told you, Summary & Index by Deputy city editor on December 11, 2007

Put out more flags. Gordon has a 10-year-plan for Afghanistan. See him photographed with soldiers. The control of Basra. Read & weep.

How to talk about books you haven’t read. Pierre Bayard makes some unsettling points about the nature of reading and what books really mean.

Why can’t the English be more like the French? Hortense de Monplaisir explains. But who is she? Image of Mme Bernard-Henri Lévi chosen by The Sunday Times to illustrate this enigma.

Dieudonné: After consulting BHL (see above), The New Yorker accuses a French comic of “hate” comedy. I told you so is not convinced.

French cinema: a glorious restoration of Hôtel du Nord.

Trains. Save this one. Not this one.

Work in progress. The story of Morris Miller, killed on the Ebro, 1938.

The BBC. What is it good for? The censorship of Panorama: What not to believe.

Berlin: Top 13 things about Swinging Berlin.

The Daily Show: Elizabeth Kucinich and the censorship of Channel 4.

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