Pictures: The Traction 11BL ‘Edition Spéciale’ from CTA Holland

Posted in cars, Citroen Traction Avant, Classic cars by Deputy city editor on July 9, 2009


The 75th anniversary ‘2009’ special edition Traction in Brabant, Holland this week.  The car is built from a Paris-built 11 BL that was manufactured 58 years ago this month, in July, 1951.


Here is another shot of the restored car on a road test.

traction before shot

Above is the donor car before restoration. In the pictures that follow, you can see what CTA did to it, to create a ‘new’ Traction out of an old one.


There was a lot of rust.

Where to start? As the project went forward and the car was dismantled, the extent of the problems was revealed and the program of work expanded.

There was serious rot to the underneath and the rear, the engine was leaking at both ends, the electrical system looked as if it has been nibbled by mice, and that was only the start. The door hinges were rotting, the seats collapsing, the brakes wonky and it only started when it felt like it. What to do? With its pre-war body panels and ID engine, nothing would ever make it worthwhile to restore this car to original so instead a decision was taken in certain respects make it radically modern.


When this picture below was taken, the car had already been extensively rebuilt.


Above is a view of the front suspension. The Pilote wheels were later replaced because of safety concerns.


A lot of work had to be done on the floor pan and at the back of the vehicle in the boot/trunk area including fitting a new fuel tank.


Preparation of the cabin before re-installation of lining, upholstery & seats…


A replacement 11D motor is installed for the 11D unit leaking at both ends…

DSCN6092The bottom of the car was in poor shape and this is what replaced it…


Here is the new engine with a good view of the twin carbs. These were installed to give the car some additional horsepower. Performance details will be released after the car has been tested.


Leather door lining has been installed to match upholstery. Note early Jaeger instrument panel.

All these pictures are by kind permission of Marcel Smits at CTA Holland.


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  1. Gary Vukich said, on February 5, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Nice job!!!!
    I’m in the process of doing all the same things to my ’53 BL except I’m repowering
    it with a secret 2300cc engine\4 speed gear box w\od.,new drive shafts.

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