How to honour those who die for democracy

Posted in human rights, Terror, Terrorism, War by Deputy city editor on January 4, 2010

There are calls to ban a proposed ‘extremist’ Muslim memorial march in Wootton Bassett to honour the mostly Muslim civilian dead in the terror wars.  Wootton Bassett is previously known for honouring the corpses of British soldiers killed in our wars in the East.

The Muslim militant behind this suggests to the outrage of The Sun that the killed British soldiers have died for nothing. But this is true.

He further suggests that Britain should convert to Islam. I should say he is free to say so.

Tens of thousands are protesting this dastardly plan on Facebook.  Newspaper websites are ablaze.

The British accuse others of lacking irony!

Update: the prime minister has declared the proposed demonstration inappropriate. So now I am certain it should go ahead.

Update: The march was cancelled but the government has banned the group that proposed it anyway.  This may be the first time a group has been banned under the terrorism laws for proposing a peaceful anti-war demonstration.

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