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Lots of old work mainly on this blog. The cloud shows you what I was writing about. Please have a look around. At the moment I am blogging more on where the concentration is on French speakers learning English.

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A day at the races

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Must read

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Adam Boulton is shocked

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Big Adam Boulton, with more chins than the Michelin man, is a testament to an unhealthy lifestyle. Tacking between Speaking Unto Nation and Westminster’s most fattening expense-account eating billets, Boulton has long been the softest of touches.

And now, suddenly, twice in one day, he loses it! First with Alastair Campbell, professional liar and spin minister. And then with little Ben Bradshaw, the ghastliest and minciest of Mandelson’s horrible accolytes.

Sky will now give their £800,000 a year political editor a ‘rest’ I should imagine, after the rigours of the campaign.

But just as it is called a gaffe when a politician tells the truth, it is also the case that journalists who occupy such high-profile berths as Adam must never, ever be allowed to call a spade a shovel.

There was a glimpse yesterday of Adam’s youthful jouissance, before he became a complete establishment patsy. A reporter who dares to answer back a toad like Campbell is a rare beast. I should imagine that if Adam returns he will have promised his bosses that he has learned how to control himself.

This man wants to see you naked

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Britain is to lead the way stripping its citizens naked in the interests of the war on terror, according to the prime minister.  With the backing of the prime minister, it is probable that this technology is entirely useless, except for the welcome promotion of a healthy naturist lifestyle.

Sky News is terrible

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Fatty Adam

Your correspondents sound like government flacks. How did it get this way? Why does Rupert put up with it? Also, Adam Boulton: frankly, you are too fat.

Update: Which of you is more ridiculous? Joey Jones with his Labour talking points. Your police reporter who looks and talks like a cop.  A defence reporter tied at the hip to the MoD? Or is it you, Adam, always knowing so much more than you tell us? Jon Craig seems to be the only one left who thinks like a reporter. Even Emma Hurd has resorted to blithering climate drivel and penguin hugging.

Advice to America: sell Alaska

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This could be one of the smartest property deals in history. It is time for the Americans, who bought low, to sell high.

This is the check used to buy Alaska in what was maybe the smartest property deal in history. It is time for the Americans, who bought low, to sell high.

Note to Obama: Sell Alaska to the Russians. They sold it to the United States in 1867 for practically nothing – $7.2 million.  Buy low. Sell high.

Also ditch Texas to the Mexicans. And Louisiana to the French. Why not everything for sale? The Canadians might like Michigan, or North Dakota.

A smaller America would be a happier and more prosperous America and less likely to get ideas above its station.  

I promise you this is a much better plan than handing bungs to the bankers and other great American failures.

Le blog dort

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Goya: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Weary after having been proved right on almost everything – foot & mouth, Mika, Basra, I could continue – your humble blogger has recently stopped adding ‘content’ to occupy himself with more elementary duties.

‘For a mixture of the modern and the mediæval, of the practical and of the wildly fanciful, I think this is surely the limit’

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The BBC absurdly reports the discovery of a giant rat in Indonesia (see above).

Obviously this is not news to anyone familiar with Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire (1924) in which Sherlock Holmes refers to “the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.”

83 years late with the news – that’s the BBC!


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