Was that a coup?

Posted in Progressive Alliance, UK, uk election by Deputy city editor on May 11, 2010

If I understand Polly Toynbee and the BBC correctly, our new overlords are to be called The Progressive Alliance. Although it is rumoured the coup has failed.


Adam Boulton is shocked

Posted in Media, Sky News, TV, uk election, Uncategorized by Deputy city editor on May 11, 2010

Big Adam Boulton, with more chins than the Michelin man, is a testament to an unhealthy lifestyle. Tacking between Speaking Unto Nation and Westminster’s most fattening expense-account eating billets, Boulton has long been the softest of touches.

And now, suddenly, twice in one day, he loses it! First with Alastair Campbell, professional liar and spin minister. And then with little Ben Bradshaw, the ghastliest and minciest of Mandelson’s horrible accolytes.

Sky will now give their £800,000 a year political editor a ‘rest’ I should imagine, after the rigours of the campaign.

But just as it is called a gaffe when a politician tells the truth, it is also the case that journalists who occupy such high-profile berths as Adam must never, ever be allowed to call a spade a shovel.

There was a glimpse yesterday of Adam’s youthful jouissance, before he became a complete establishment patsy. A reporter who dares to answer back a toad like Campbell is a rare beast. I should imagine that if Adam returns he will have promised his bosses that he has learned how to control himself.

Gordon is the ruler of the Queen’s navy

Posted in Gordon Brown, uk election by Deputy city editor on April 20, 2010

Gordon's war

Clapped-out aircraft carrier dispatched to pretend to rescue British tourists stranded by non-existant volcano peril. A poignant epitaph for soon to be former commander-in-chief Gordon Brown.

Include me out

Posted in democracy, uk election by Deputy city editor on April 6, 2010

Merci à R Crumb

I will not be voting.